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The Gospel According to Bella Ve

Background information

In this life my name is Bella Ve. I am turning 23. My birthday is a palindrome. I am from New York.


  • Chain-smoking drunk cigarettes (Marlboro Golds)

  • Male validation

  • Maladaptive daydreaming

  • Vanity


  • Long legs, big tits

  • Discipline

Comfort hyper-fixations

  • Kurt Cobain’s suicide note

  • Jennifer Aniston’s salad

Core characterisms

  • All girls Catholic high school

  • 14th street

  • Ferngully

  • The letter T


  • Screen time before bed

  • Fiona Apple


  • Beacon’s Closet

  • Luteal phase

  • Temperance

Miscellaneous special interests

  • Urban planning

  • Feminism

  • Harry Potter

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