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The Gospel According to Hailo

We are always changing. You're never the same person for two seconds. This used to scare me, until I learned how to let go. This is who I am and what I'm into now, at the beginning-ish of 2024. I might change between now and the end. Don't hold it against me.

Personal Philosophy

Be present. Imagine good things. I live in New York. I'm from Kansas. I'm 23. I'm reserved, I love to laugh.

Love Life

  • No texts -- Phone calls only

  • Coffee dates -- early morning or night - quick and more convenient

  • No apps

  • Privacy -- After last year, I learned that writing about your love life is a slippery slope (don't date a writer)


  • I love the gym -- When asked how many sets I have left, I will growl. I listen to scripture while I workout. The Lord is my Shepherd. Let me chest press in peace

  • Sprinkles -- Last year I would come back from the club and have a cup of sprinkles with maraschino cherries. Yes, I had a cavity last year

  • Raw Carrots

  • Home cooking -- I used to make these elaborate recipes for my ex when we were living together, so now I'm trying to make one elaborate recipe for myself per week

  • No vape

  • Jogging in the rain


  • Benefit love paint

  • Bedhead (literal)


  • Reading

  • Writing

  • Band

  • Walking around -- with an ice cream cone (spring and summer)

  • Long showers - a little music, a beverage, some candles and it's almost like a club, but better and cleaner and less grope-y


  • Praise

  • Vintage Prada


  • The J train

  • Sleep - I get bored if I get more than 6 hours. Also, nightmares.


  • Jesus

  • Pamela Anderson

  • Emma Boatman - Granny on my Mother's side


That's me! (this year).

You're going to meet the Hot Literati writers for the year in this format and in more sprawling pieces.

I'm really excited about this site though. I miss when the internet was a fun, light place. When you got to choose what you saw. So, I say thank you for trusting Hot Literati with your time and your mind. We'll try to help make it a nice place to be.



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