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Rules for Hoyden Girl Summer

  • If they say “you’re out of my league,” “I’m so lucky,” or some other iteration of disbelief, then run! run! run!

  • Remember that you are human and everything is a part of your experience of the world which is fleeting and magical even when that might be tough to remember.

  • If you feel deep down that you want to do it or say it and It doesn’t hurt anyone then get on with it!!! You don’t need permission to be who you want to be.

  • Find things that bring you joy even when you’re completely alone.

  • Share them with others if/when you’re feeling generous.

  • Open the windows when it’s warm and nice and breezy.

  • Listen to nice music while walking around and look at the nice little things always happening in the world, like the strangers smiling at one another after almost running into each other, or the mother jogging her son to school as he waddles because his backpack is the size of his whole body. There is music and art and joy everywhere all of the time.

  • Let go of the guilt. It wasn’t your fault.

  • Forgive yourself from the past. You experienced it, you are living and learning, and growing constantly.

  • Consume at least a little art a day.

  • Don’t spend too much time online. Live in the world, we have so little time!

  • And so much of it too, don’t worry.

  • Buy yourself something nice.

  • Stop restricting food.

  • Move your body in ways you enjoy.

  • Try to find connection — pray on your knees, talk to the sky, look really deep into someone’s eyes as they talk about something they love. There is something more to all of this.

  • There has to be.


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