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The Gospel According to Nwakaego


  • Neither my first nor my last cycle

  • Weaver of woowoo-isms (I’m always gonna reference the esoteric)

  • (Healing) chronically online social voyeur

  • Houston (every now and then)

Personal Philosophy

  • Be so passionate that life reshapes itself for you

  • Egbe b’elu, Ugo b’elu (let the kite perch, let the eagle perch): there’s space for everything, so live and let live 

  • Life is a conversation, so be in conversation with it and its players

Venus Offerings

  • Peter Pauper Press journal collection 

  • Lip tint as blush  

  • Glass bangles 

  • Pink cowgirl boots

  • Gold foil tarot cards

  • Jingling when I move

  • Stickers and stamps

  • Soft shoulders (for weary souls)


  • Competence

  • Tears (as a concept; probably not in actuality)

Irrational Fears 

  • Speaking or writing down my fears (as if stating them would make them manifest)

  • That my siblings don’t think I’m cool :/

  • The insides of walls (can’t explain why; refer to item one)

Childhood Obsessions (that never ended)

  • Slightly odd shoes 

  • The desire to be a Magical Girl 

  • Maladaptive daydreaming (does it make it more or less 'mal' if I don't see it as a problem?)

  • Reading (fanfiction) on too small screens

  • Cultural analogies & red stringing


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