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  1. Find reading material anywhere (little books, little magazines, plaques, etc) - You'll be with the words (but not always with the conversation) <3333

  2. Social Media Office Hours - Stop waiting for The Beast in the Jungle. There is a real world. Live in it (and in the digital world in moderation because it can still be fun and is more fun when you do it in moderation)

  3. Audit your influence + consumption - take a good look at the media you disseminate and consume. What is the purpose of it? How does it make you feel? What boundaries could you put into place?

  4. Support your local libraries - they're beautiful! and fun! and free!

  5. Always carry a writing utensil + book tabs - Annotate your favorite sections on the go, the ones that made you laugh and cry. Leave little notes for yourself, like a memory with that book each time you revisit an annotation

  6. Be open-minded and quick to empathize - Make the world a more trusting place. Make yourself a more willing person

  7. Enjoy nice things now - Another nice thing will come along tomorrow. Don't let the testers run out, or the little treats expire.

Thank u to all who contributed. Here's to an amazing 2024. we got this.

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Piper Summer
Piper Summer
30 janv.

Love this one!

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