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Ask Hot Literati #10

"I'm so inspired by the Substack/TikTok/IG community that you've built and I'd want to create my own Substack community but have no idea where to start. I'm scared too. Can you talk about your experience and give some guidance on how to do that from scratch?"

when will hot literati have irl events again?the children yearn for a space for intellectual conversation outside of school!

answer below but also join book club

how do I stop being insecure

I’m a beginner in writing/poetry and I find I have a hard time really discerning what I want to write about, now I write lines in short bursts, and lose my gusto quickly. I’ve been told by my professors that my writing is too abstract or too specific. It feels like I’m trying to perfect what has not even appeared yet. How do you go about your choice in topic/theme?


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