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I used to be scared of my own reflection

Until Hot Literati held the mirror for me

The semester was coming to an end when I interviewed to be an intern at Hot Literati. I called

out of work to meet Hailo at her neighborhood restaurant where the interview became more of a


“I’m sorry, was there a question?” I asked at one point

“No, just curious on your thoughts.” Hailo assured

I applied to this internship because I knew I could learn a lot of Hailo and everyone involved with

Hot Literati. I also had taken a long break from writing to put all my attention towards school

and the industry I’m studying. I knew that a summer internship with Hot Literati would be the

most fun I may have in my professional life for a while.

I spent a lot of time trying to get over my fear of sharing my writing that I learned is rooted in my

belief that I have nothing new to provide the world through writing, but I’m slowly getting over

this fear during my time at Hot Literati.

While I enjoy running errands and planning for all things yet to come, my favorite part of this job

has been the people I have met. The team has not only made me feel welcomed but also

inspired me to continue writing and share as I go. I’ve learned that my perspective and stories

are worthy of sharing because of everyone here.

With that being said,


I am so excited for everything we have planned and I can’t wait to continue learning from this

community. We’re gonna have so much fun <3



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